Tips on how to Care for your Racehorses In A Racing Horse Stable

Horse racing is a popular sport admired by many people. Horse racing funs always turn up to watch the races and sometimes even bet on which horse will win and win the prizes. The racehorses stay in stables where they are cared for and kept in the proper condition at all times and stay healthy and fit for races. The racehorse is therefore taken care of by four different persons who have specific roles in ensuring that the horses’ needs are met. These four people are; the groom, the stable hand, the vet and the trainer.

The groom plays a vital role in the upkeep of the racehorses in the stables. The groom is required to keep the horse in the right state emotionally and ensures that it’s appearance is always best. The groom therefore spends a lot of time with the racehorse than other person in the racing horse stable. The groom asses the racehorse as many times as possible to make sure that the coat and hooves are in the right state. It is the groom who usually wash down the racehorse after a race and exercise it regularly.

Stable hands play a very significant part in making sure that the racehorse in the best state at all times. The cleaning of the racehorse stables is taken care of by the stable hand ensuring that it always stay clean and tidy. The stable hand ensures that the horse are well fed, he mucks out the horse boxes and is ever present during the races. These activities performed by the stable hand make the stable hand a very important part of the racehorse’s wellbeing since he spends more time with the racehorse and can build an emotional connection with horse that may be of help at times.

For a living creature to be of use, they must be healthy at all times. Racehorses need to be in the right physical, emotional and mental state at all times. In the racehorse stables there is a vet who takes care of the health status of the horse and states the needs of the horse to the concerned personel when it comes to the kind of feeds that the horse should be given at specific times. The vet carries out regular checkups and administer drugs to cure the horse in case of any disease raised by the groom.

It is necessary for the racehorses to be fit for all races at all times since that is why they are bred. The racehorse must have daily exercises to be fit. This is where the trainer comes in to ensure that the house can tackle the type of races it is required to. The trainer must be well trained to know how to deal with horses.

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